MEDIA day: Animation & Virtual Reality, conferences, demos, workshops and networking meeting.

Day: March 21
Place: Ars Santa Mònica – Auditorium – 2nd floor
Hora: 10h – 14h

As a result of the collaboration between Mecal and NonStop Barcelona Animació and MEDIA Catalunya, in the day program, among our guests we count with the presence of the most important figures in animation production using VR as a tool. The main purpose of the professional conference is to promote, stimulate and to open some doors in the field of new media and languages, which is already paving the way all around the world in the hybridisation of VR, its tools of development and the animation production + INFO


Plançó: Catalan Animation Schools Contest

Day: March 20
Place: Ars Santa Mònica – Auditorium – 2nd floor
Hour: 18.15h – 19.45h (Projection) / 19.45h to 21.30h (terrace networking)

Mecal, together with NonStop, organizes an animation contest aimed at students from Catalan universities and animation schools. Finalist works will be screened and the public will choose the winner. After the screening, there will be a networking meeting between the students and some animation professionals. The winner prize will be an student credential for Annecy and another credential for the seminar Concept Art NonStop 2020.

Adrià MengualEl gato y el cuervo1’9″
Adrià MengualEl Viaje de Iynx1’36”
Nuria ManzanoBallet gurl22″
Ferran BatlleEsclavos del destino59″
Raul GibanelAnimals Marins1’53”
Mireia RicoChucking express1’4″
Xavier Perramon, Bea GilSports Motion2’23”
Bonaventure B.MONPLAISIRCeleste4’28”
Isabel emily katherineUnraveled3’39”
Sergi Lapuerta CantavellaRotten Souls1’12”
Mariona Foz FiguerolaSenyals de fum2’12”
Gerard Pujadó BorràsDay of War1’05”
Gemma CasamayorCinema 4D, El camino más fácil0’35”
Iván RubioDJI Inspire 20’34”
Arnau Navarro, Pol-Raimón Lorda, Joan Munarriz, Silvia VallinaOnly for Professionals0’39”
Arnau Navarro, Pol-Raimón Lorda, Joan Munarriz, Silvia VallinaFamily Trolls0’41”
José Luís GonzálezSnack Bites0’36”
Enric JordàThe U Lives Likes Us0’23”
José Luís GonzálezEverything you need is already inside0’20”
Gemma CasamayorÁrea de Postproducción0’45”
Marc GinerCarl F. Bucherer0’45”
José Luís GonzálezThe New Galaxy S 7 20’34”
Miguel ArjonaTaller de escritura0’27”
Judith EngelhardtMACEDONIA RECETAS0’05”
Saile Wu FuWrath2’33”
Keshav Abrol, Lucas Londoño-Clayton, Pavel Loparev, Alicia VelascoFlorian3’47”
Ariadna Claramunt GuarroCrat2’17”

Virtual Reality

During the animation week there will be a VR area, where attendees will be able to watch the last projects of some NGO’s using virtual reality glasses.

Workshop: Animation for Teachers

Day: 21 de marzo
Place: Ars Santa Mònica – Espai Residència – At street level
Hour: 11h – 14h

Mario Torrecillas will tell us about the audiovisual and educational PDA project, “Petits Dibuixos Animats”, which, throughout film and animation workshops, fosters collective reflection and creativity of children through music and animation. He will transmit the foundations of the techniques used in the project, so they can be put into practice in the classrooms, using mobile devices and tablets, available to teachers and students.

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