She graduated in Fine Arts in the University of Sevilla, in addition to carrying out several independent artistic projects. She started her career collaborating with different European film festivals and now she is part of the cultural association FRONTEiRAS, in which she handles the programming and production of every edition of the “Muestra Internacional de Cine FRONTEiRAS”, which takes place in between Ayamonte (Spain) and Vila Real de Santo Antonio (Portugal), in addition to other events from the same association that take place in the border.


Pre-cinema collector and speaker for image education devices, he is also the founder of the association “The Cine of Papa”.  He has directed the short film Correspondance Pelliculaire, with which he won the Special Jury Prize at the Valletta Film Festival in 2018, and is behind the participatory film 24 Lies per Second. Bruno has also invented the Poubellotropic, an educational kit dedicated to he history of cinema, and participated in the exhibition  “Magic Lantern and Painted Film: 400 Years of Cinema” at the Museo Nazionale del Cinema of Torino and the Cinémathèque Française, of which he is member. 


Current director of the “Certamen Internacional de Cortos de Soria”, he has been dedicating more than 30 years to the promotion, diffusion and organization of cinematographic events through different projects. Among these, the “Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes La Boca del Lobo”, the “Festival la Boca Erótica”, the “Semana de Cine Soria en Buenos Aires”, the “Cine a los Cuatro Vientos”, and the “KinoSoriaRueda” stand out. In addition, he is an honorary member of the Short Film Agency for his dedication to the format.