MEDIA Professional Day: Animation & Virtual Reality, conferences, demos, workshops and networking meeting

PROFESSIONAL CONFERENCE ON ANIMATION AND VIRTUAL REALITY: in collaboration with MEDIA Catalunya and NonStop Barcelona Animation.

This day will bring together relevant guests from the VR field as a tool for animation production. The purpose of this professional day is to promote, stimulate and open new avenues in the field of new media and languages that are already marking the world-wide way in the hybridization between the RV, its development tools and the production of animation.


Manu Weiss, 3D character artist and animator. Founder of Whatev-R. He has worked on immersive experiences in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality.

Eric Giessmann, animator and director of animated short films like Sand Wanderer. Since 2018 she has been working with Lavamachine VR Collaboration.

Piers Goffart, art director, animator, freelance illustrator and animator with a passion for storytelling, comedy and character acting. In 2015 I won the POS Award for best Artwork. Since 2017 he has shifted his craft more and more into VR painting and animation. Part of THE LAVAMACHINE TEAM.

Michael Markman, content creator at Extended Reality (XR). Founder of Studio OCD (in Barcelona) of XR to create immersive installations and films.

Anastasia Pashkovetskaya, founder Globetrotter VR, creative Producer & director, public Speaker and Women in Immersive Tech Ambassador.

Pierre Zandrowics, director passionate about visual storytelling. He has been producing short films, clips and commercials for brands like Jean-Paul Gaultier for ten years. In December 2017, he created with two other producers: ATLAS V, a studio dedicated to immersive fiction in all its forms (VR / AR / MR).



Presentation: MEDIA Professional Day



Introduction: Animation and VR by Manu Weiss



The Powerful Workflow of VR Animation

VR Painting DEMO the power of VR in Animation by LAVAMACHINE: Eric Giessmann and Piers Goffart



Production of Linear Animation towards VR by Manu Weiss






Narrative power and user experience by Pierre Zandrowics ATLAS V



Tools for VR Animation  by Mark Markman



Announcement creation of Women in Immersive Tech Barcelona by Anastasia Pashkovetskaya


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