Every year Mecal sets apart a featured spot on its programme in order to highlight a Guest Country’s filmography. For our 2020 edition, we are inviting Austria to demonstrate its puissance in the short film field. The European alpine republic’s cultural output goes well beyond its classical music tradition, and cinema is a great example: heavily influenced by contemporary historical events in the early years, it went on to contribute to Hollywood’s Golden Age with expat talent (Erich von Stroheim, Fritz Lang, Billy Wilder or Otto Preminger just to name a few) and to stand out in the film avant-garde with cutting-edge experimental and rebellious countercultural productions (Peter Kubelka, Peter Weibel, Peter Tscherkassky or Martin Arnold), and is currently a staple of class-A festivals line-ups and award winners (Michael Haneke, Ulrich Seidl, Barbara Albert or Jessica Hausner). We have organized an extensive short film focus composed by 5 programmes that will surely arouse Mecal’s audience and attending professional guests’ interest for this Central European country.