Mark Aitken is an artist and academic whose practice includes film, photography, writing and radio. He is currently researching empathetic responses to traumatic loss of habitats, wildlife and human knowledge of disappearing territories. His award-winning films include Dead when I got here, Forest of Crocodiles, Until when you die traces and This was Forever. Teaching film practice since 1990, Mark currently lectures at Central St Martins, London, and offers creative consultancy to professionals. He was awarded his doctorate, Emotional truths in documentary making from Goldsmiths in 2019.

Mark Aitken


Lena Kolbe currently manages the Barcelona-based documentary production company Intrepido Films renowned for its investigative ecological documentaries. Previously she worked for Arte in Strasbourg and Point du Jour in Paris as assistant producer.

Lena Kolbe


Cadhla Kennedy Ko (Barcelona, 1995) is specialised in cinematography and graduated from London College of Communication with a degree in film and television. She seeks to translate written ideas to visual stories, working across lighting in film and theatre to filming audiovisual pieces and documentaries. Cadhla finds her passion in photography, light and the architecture of spaces, always paying attention to detail and showing a deep fascination for nature and the reality that surrounds her.

Cadhla Kennedy
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