OPEN CALL: Learn how to sell your documentary project

April 10th at 18h

Pitching is currently the most important presentation technique for audiovisual projects. In order to obtain funds for their work, creators are opting for this method to present their ideas to production companies and attract their attention. 

The documentary genre is flourishing. New technologies offer viewers a wide range of content, making it harder for projects to stand out. For this reason, this activity aims to bring closer the pitching tool to documentary creators, who will be advised by Stephanie von Lukowicz, cofounder and producer at LUKIMEDIA, to improve their communication skills and learn the necessary concepts to make their projects attractive and present them successfully.

PARTICIPATE: Send a description of your artistic project and your biography (1 page) to [email protected] with the subject “Pitching Coaching for Documentaries” before march 5th

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