Masterclass: Record in times of pandemic

April 8th, from 18h to 19h

The pandemic is seriously affecting many professionals in the documentary and film sector. Due to the closure of borders and the difficulty of working with large teams, many shootings have been canceled or postponed and many directors and producers have had to manage with sanitary protocols and new production and recording methods. What are the secrets to shooting and producing in times of pandemic? How can we achieve the required quality remotely? How can we sell and promote online without dying trying? In this Masterclass, directors Mayte Carrasco and Marcel Mettelsiefen will explain how they have managed to continue recording, overcoming some of the great obstacles posed by this global pandemic.


How to shoot your documentary with old lenses

April 9th, from 18h to 19h

Marc M Sarrado is a cinematographer and filmmaker who has participated in international projects such as Light Bulb Conspiracy by Cosima Dannoritzer, among others. In this masterclass he will explain to us how to achieve a cinematic look for our documentary by shooting with a modern camera and old lenses. With the collaboration of Avisual Pro.


Documental Day: International Funding

April 10th, from 10h to 14h

This professional conference, formed by 3 conferences, brings together relevant guests in the field of the documentary genre with the aim of providing attendees with the necessary tools to be able to finance their documentary project internationally.

On this day we gather three conferences:

Conference 1

Will you sign the check for me right now? by Joan Úbeda (10:15h – 11:15h)

Captura de pantalla 2021-03-03 a las 17.54.40
Conference 2

“Mantra – Sounds Into Silence” alternative financing by Georgia Wyss (11:30h – 12:30h)

FOTO Georgia Wyss
Conference 3

Guide to present the documentary project at ARTE France by Ségolène Dujardin (12:45h – 13:45h)

FOTO Ségolène Dujardin

PRICE : 10€

Coaching Pitching for documentary projects

April 10th, from 18h to 19:45h

Due to the rise of documentary content, it is becoming more and more/increasingly difficult for a project to stand out. Therefore, this activity aims to bring the pitch closer to documentary creators, who will be advised by industry professionals to improve their communication skills, make their projects attractive and be able to present them successfully.

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