Coaching on Crowdfunding – Verkami

Day: 26th march
Place: Arts Santa Mònica – Espais Residència – At street level
Hour: 10.00 – 14.00h

Crowdfunding is a very interesting alternative to traditional financing for young talent and for those who want to ensure themselves a greater creative freedom and autonomy. In this formative session, the selected participants will receive professional advice from Jonás Sala, Verkami’s cofounder, the most important crowdfunding platform in Spain, through a personal encounter that will give them improvement tips, guidelines and ideas.

Barcelona Film Schools

Day: 26th march
Place: Arts Santa Mònica – Sala de exposiciones – 2nd floor
Hour: 18.00h

Here at Mecal, we believe in young talent and this session aim to promote it. In this session, the best short films from audiovisual and film schools of Barcelona will be exhibited. This is a great opportunity for students to show their films on the big screen. Furthermore, the attending audience will decide who is the winner of the Most Innovative Short Film Award, courtesy of Avisual Pro, consisting of audiovisual equipment hire for one year, valued at 2,000 €. The schools film finalists this year are: ECIB (Escola de Cinema de Barcelona), FX Animation, Bande à Part, EMAV (Escola de Mitjans Audiovisuals), Pompeu Fabra University, Blanquerna University and Plató de cinema. To promote the exchange of experiences, projects and ideas, the event will close with a networking drink.

Coaching on Pitching of Short Films

Day: 27th march
Place: Arts Santa Mònica – Espai Residència – At street level
Hour: 10.00 – 14.00h

A pitch is a presentation technique that is becoming more and more common in the audiovisual industry, in contrast to the traditional reading of scripts. This activity stems from the will to support artists, so that they can master the key communication techniques to present and make their project appealing for a pitch presentation. In order to do this, we will have professionals who will be advising attendees: Cristina Calvet, lawyer specializing in Intellectual Property Law, Carmen Puche, production consultant, director and screenwriter, João Garção Borges, former buyer at the Rádio e Televisão de Portugal with extensive experience in all audiovisual areas, and Pablo Menéndez re ponsible of acquisitions and communication of the short film distributor Marvin & Wayne.

MASTERCLASS: To produce for Netflix – Sara Gonzalo and Gema R. Neira from Bambú Producciones

Day: 27th march
Place: Arts Santa Mònica – Espai Residència – At street level
Hour: 19.00h

In this masterclas about the production process for Netflix, Sara Gonzalo, general director, and Gema R. Neira, project development director at Bambú Producciones will explain their experience in the production of «Cable Girls», «The Alcàsser Murders», «High Seas» or «Cocaine Coast» for the North American giant Netflix.



Day: 28th march
Place: Arts Santa Mònica – Sala de actos – 2nd floor
Hour: 10.00 – 14.00h

Mecal Pro organizes the Short Film Market, an activity that aims to build bridges between financing and talent, by providing a space that facilitates creators, buyers and distributors to meet. A space that is needed in Barcelona and that encourages the works, their exhibition and purchase, as well as networking.

It will take three days in a specially-accommodated space. There will be computers for the creators to exhibit their work, and the last day will be devoted to one-to-one meetings.

ALMA WORKSHOP: Fiction scripts: characters that sell series

Day: 28th march
Place: Arts Santa Mònica – Espai Residència – Street level
Hour: 17.00h

The script of a fictional series and its plots are born from the characteristics and acts of its characters. How is a character well constructed? Which is their conflict? Which is their function? Do leading roles and supporting roles have the same importance? Does the design of the character change according to the genre of the series? How do we escape from cliches? Speakers: Sara Antuña, Sonia Pastor and Natalia Boadas.

TICKETS: Comming soon

Battle of the programmers

Day: 28th march
Place: Arts Santa Mònica – Sala de exposiones – 2nd floor
Hour: 18.30h

Mecal Pro challenges two short Film professionals under this premise: to choose the works that they consider that are unique and exceptionally good and play them for the viewers. After that, the viewers themselves will be in charge of deciding who is the winner with their cheers and applause. The two opponents in this edition are:

– Simon Young, VP EMEA Acquisitions at Shorts TV (UK)

– Javier Muñiz, director of the Soria International Short Film Festival (Spain)