It is usual to think artists must emigrate in order to find new opportunities, in the same way international artists come here with the same motivations. What lies beneath these assumptions? What kind of reality do they have to face? What are the most noticeable differences between countries? We have invited several foreign and national animation artists to reflect about these questions and explain their own experiences.

Lourdes Villagomez is an animation director and producer recognized around the world. She studied in Los Angeles and Mexico and founded Los Animantes, an independent animation collective.

Pablo Navarro is an animator director and works as senior character animation. He has collaborated in mulitiple international films such as Nocturna (2007), The Congress (2013) or Ethel & Ernest (2016).

Nacho Doctor is a cinematographer, 2D composer and a visual effects specialist. He has worked in Arx Anima in Vienna and in The Jungle Book that won an Oscar Award this year.


Place: Arts Santa Mònica – Sala d’actes
Day: 18/03/2017
Time: 12:00 – 14:00

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