Casa Gracia Barcelona is welcoming this September two sessions of Mecal Cozy, a new concept: screenings of short films as if you were in your living room, followed by a vrunch. The perfect union between the traditional vermouth and the brunch, the breakfast/lunch that cheers Sunday’s hangover among mimosas, eggs, and pancakes.
In the end, it’s about doing the same exact thing you do (almost) every weekend: wake up late, watch a film, and going out for food when hunger attacks. Short-films instead of a film, Lo Vrunch instead of the traditional vermouth or the brunch, and there you have it, the whole pack at Mecal Cozy for only 15€ (5€ booking through Ticketea + 10€ to be paid at the ticket office upon your arrival).  At every session, we will also have with us one of the filmmakers as a guest, who will be in charge of the programming.
Everything will take place at Casa Gracia, a key spot for cultural events at Gracia neighborhood, with its atypical and personal style, cosmopolitan and avant-garde. A place to feel at home while discovering new and local talent.
We take off on September 10th with “Real Little Morining Stories “ a Documentary Special with the best of the genre in short film format. Alba Gómez Celdrán one of the filmmakers, whose short documentary films have been awarded several prizes in numerous festivals such as Málaga or Elche will be with us.
On October 1st we will be back with “Indie Shorts”: if short films universe is already by itself independent, wild and creative, this studied selection of short films by Mecal will blow your mind. For this event, our guest will be Marc Martinez Jordán, a former student of direction at ESCAC who made a huge impact in international and national festivals with his first short film, “Thimothy” and who is now preparing his first film. We will be able to watch his second short film, “Caradecaballo”, a short film which cost 20€, was filmed in 2 days and is starred by his grandmother, Josefa, and himself. This short film has won over 60 awards and has been selected in more than 200 festivals around the world.
All this is in an intimate and relaxed environnement…¡cozy!
Tickets to Mecal Cozy must be booked beforehand at Ticketea through this link:
The venue has limited space, therefore we advise you to book by paying the 5€ share of the ticket. This does not entail any extra cost, it’s a 5€ advanced payment of the 15€ of the ticket. The remaining 10€ will be charged at the ticket office upon arrival on the same day of the event. You will need to show us the receipt of the booking on your smartphone or on paper to be able to pay the remaining 10€.
Booking through Ticketea: 5€
+ Casa Gracia ticket office (upon arrival on the date of the event): 10€
If you decide not to book you will be able to pay the full amount of the ticket (15€) at the ticket office upon arrival on the date of the event. Attention! Limited capacity!
The Mecal Cozy ticket includes:
– Short film screenings
– Welcoming mimosa or handmade vermouth + olives
– One of the following food options + drink (glass of cava or Mimosa, vermouth, wine, beer, water, refresher, juice)
– Dishes –
Beans hummus with eggplant tartar and pita bread
Sirloin dices with tahini and mango pico de gallo
– Sandwiches –
“Festival de verds” with yucca and sweet potato
“Roast beef” with encurtidos, parmesan cheese, and dried tomatoes
Steamed buns filled with beef
– Eggs –
Benedict eggs with salmon
Benedict eggs with bacon
Huevos estrellados with spring garlic, mushrooms, and cured iberian ham
– Vermouth for two (2) –
Bravascroquetas, Russian salad, anchovies, coca with tomato.
¿What?: Mecal Cozy, short films screenings + Lo Vrunch
¿Where?: Casa Gracia (Passeig de Gràcia, 116 Bis, 08008 de Barcelona)
¿When?: 11h, September 10th and October 1st
¿How much?: 15€, price includes the screening of the short films and Lo Vrunch (vermouth/brunch)



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