Animation and videogame professionals will find in this session a gathering space, which purpose will be to broaden the horizons through several conferences and meetings. Product of the collaboration between Mecal and 3D Wire, the International Animation Market in Spain, within the sessions we will find conferences about different videogames and animation projects that are currently being developed.

Animation and videogames: presentations, masterclass and networking meeting. 3D Wire BCN by Mecal.

The session will hold presentations on different animation and videogames projects in development: the animated series ‘Monsters Valley’, from Ciervo Alto; the transmedia project ‘Mironins’, by Cornelius Films, Grupa Smaznego, Peekaboo Animation and Wuji House. The videogames projects that will be presented are ‘Narita Boy’, by Studio Koba and ‘Yokai Sword’, by Chloroplast Games.

Besides, there will be a networking space for professionals, a masterclass on “Distribution of contents and PR in the digital era” (in English) by Marcin J. Sobczak of This Way Publicity, Poland.



– Date: Thursday, 16th of March of 2017.
– Place: Arts Santa Mònica.
– Time: 18:00-20:00 conferences and 20:00 – 21:30 networking.
– Entrance is free, but you must confirm your attendance by filling in the following form.



17:30 – 18:00 Welcoming reception.
18:00 – 18:10 Session presentation, by Alex Navarro – MEDIA Catalunya (10 min).
18:10 – 18:15 Session inauguration, by Roberto Barrueco (Director of Mecal) and José Luis Farias (Director of 3D Wire) (5 min).
18:15 – 19:00 Masterclass: Distribution of contents and PR in the digital era, by Marcin Sobczak from This Way Publicity (Poland) (45 min) *conference in English.
19:05 – 19:17 Presentation of the transmedia project: ‘Mironins’, by Cornelius Films, Grupa Smaznego, Peekaboo Animation and Wuji House (12 min).
19:19 – 19:31 Presentation of the animated series project: ‘Monsters Valley’, by Ciervo Alto (12 min)
19:33 – 19:45 Presentation of the videogame project: ‘Narita Boy’, by Koba Studio (12 min).
19:47 – 19:59 Presentation of the videogame project: ‘Yokai Sword’, by Chloroplast Games (12 min).
20:00 – 21:30 Networking Party! (90 min).



Marcin J. Sobczak is an expert on transmedia, cinema and the music industry, who has more than 10 years of experience on his back. Besides, he is CEO of ‘This Way Publicity’, a creative communication agency and cinematographic producer. This company is known for raising more than 2 million dollars in crowdfunding and crowdsourcing campaigns within the last 2 years for independent movie projects, music and videogames. One of these projects is ‘Urbance‘, by Joel Dos Reis Viegas and Sébastien Larroudé. Through dynamic sales communication ‘This Way Publicity’ has developed specific communication strategies for projects and companies.



NARITA BOY: Narita Boy is not just a game, but also an experiment and an artistic and sensorial piece. The aim is to mix retro and modern games. You are Narita Boy, a digital legendary hero on a quest through simultaneous dimensions. The digital kingdom is under attack, and Narita Boy is the only one who can save it.

Koba Studio: Studio Koba is an independent studio on games development, founded in 2016 by Eduardo Fornieles, a concept artist, visual developer and narrator. Studio Koba was born to shake up the market and bring a breath of fresh air with creativity, entertainment and a captivating experience, as well as a metaphysical, poetical and philosophical digital immersion.


MIRONINS: Mironins is a transmedia animation Project in which three drops of paint have escaped of Joan Miró’s pictures to live thrilling and surreal adventures, in which their creativity will be put to the test. A crazy and colourful adventure, full of humour and fantasy, where children will literally travel through the depths of the artistic universe to discover its fascinating and infinite expressive possibilities, and where they will enhance their ability to imagine.

– Cornelius Films: Cornelius Films was born on September, 2009, with a clear purpose: to create audio-visual products with a zest for innovation, supporting committed and personal cinema, both in shape and content.


– MONSTERS VALLEY: The Yerma’s League is a bizarre group of warriors founded by a witch and formed out of monsters and humans, each of them with a peculiar story. What do they have in common? They are all misfits. Their missions will focus on fighting the evil creatures that are threatening aero-Frontier’s harmony.

Ciervo Alto Animation: Independent studio formed by Santi Amézqueta and Héctor Zafra. Both are specialists on 2D animation, with a distinctive style in all their works. They have contributed to create the feature film ‘Psiconautas’, and they have also worked on visual development for the pilot episode of the series ‘Acción!’. Besides, they have worked along with some other companies such as Rovio, on the Angry Birds Toons series.


YOKAI SWORD: Yokai Sword is a 2D hack and slash where a ninja must defeat waves of enemies to get the legendary sword. Every wave consists on a certain number of yokais and a wave boss. Waves have been designed to offer a satisfying gaming experience. There is also an ability levelling system and, to make it more fun, once the player dies, they must start all over again.

Chloroplast Games: Chloroplast Games is a little studio located at Castelldefels, near to Barcelona, specialized on developing multiplatform games. Its aim is to create whole gaming experiences with a great artistic baggage, transcending the concept of videogames.