Since the 20th Century, with the rise of mass communication, the image (in photography, cinema and TV), becomes the key medium to depict war. In the current context, characterized by an “audiovisual pornography,” referring to the over-saturation of images we are exposed to, these images are not only brought to us empty, disattached of the context of their production, but are also ephemeral. Their life follows a short-longing cycle: they become icons, circulate through the social media at maximum speed and then die.

What are the consequences of the current iconography? Do the circulation of images foster empathy or just the contrary? Are we well informed? Do Governemnts benefit from this lack of information during the decision-making process? Mayte Carrasco will unfold these questions.

Mayte Carrasco, war correspondent, has been repeatedly awarded. She has covered conflicts such as the Mali War, the Lybian War or the Egyptian Revolution. She is the author of La Kamikaze (2012) and Espérame en el paraíso (2014), among others, and has given courses and conferences  on war and the media.


Place: Arts Santa Mònica – Sala d’actes
Day: 01/04/2017
Time: 16:00 – 18:00

Access with the daily ticket (5€) or the festival pass (25€). You can buy the tickets during the festival at the Arts Santa Mònica box office or  in advance here.