Conference: Copyright and Media production contract - Miquel Melendres, Artsider

The production contract is the agreement between producer and authors of the audiovisual work for its realization. It is an agreement of vital transcendence in the media market because it includes the transfers of the exploitation rights about audiovisual work. A conference organized in collaboration with The Barcelona Documentary Club..

Pitching Masterclass - Cosima Dannoritzer and Bettina Walter

Producer Bettina Walter (‘Google and the World Brain’) and director Cosima Dannoritzer (‘The Light Bulb Conspiracy’) will explain how to pitch and nance an international documentary project, and how the collaboration works between director and producer. A conference organized in collaboration with The Barcelona Documentary Club .

Workshop: The ABC of a good project - Stephanie von Lukowicz

How to get a remarkable written submission? Using specific examples, we will de ne the elements and we will combine the essential ingredients to draft a documentary project dossier ready for delivery to a possible financial backer. Imparted by Stephanie, Lukimedia’s producer, and organized in collaboration with The Barcelona Documentary Club.

Barcelona Documentary Club meeting

The Documentary Club is a monthly informal gathering of creatives and professionals of the documentary (producers, lmmakers, scriptwriters, camera(wo)men, sound technicians ,etc.). Founded in 2012 by Bettina Walter, Cosima Dannoritzer y Denis Delestrac with the objective to become a meeting-point of professionals that share interests and an international vision. This march it will take place within Mecal and will be open to everyone. We invite you meet the community of filmmakers and documentarists in Barcelona and make new contacts.

At sala 0 of Contemporanean Art Museum of Barcelona. More information on: